Earned a Certificate from MITx, Supply Chain Analytics

it was really an amazing experience taking course in edX.
edX is the trusted platform for education and learning, founded by Harvard and MIT.
I plan to continue my study in SCM program. Then I got information that MIT has been ranked #1 for Supply Chain Management programs. It opens some course and micromasters program in the edX platform. Moreover, if we would like to take the residential master's program at MIT, we are encouraged to complete the SC0x course.
Hence, I highly interested in joining this course. According to me, it's not only can be used to apply at the MIT but also in some other universities.

it makes my #workfromhome be meaningful.
the materials were so comprehensive but it's made be easily to understand. If we have problems in some parts we can asked the team interactively and they will assist us.
I am so grateful that I can receive the passing grade of the course. in the course of CTL.SC0x: Supply Chain Analytics, we get 5 modules as listed:
- introduction to SCM & Analytics Basic
- probability
- statistics
- optimization
- algorithms, approximation, & simulation
by this course, I get more knowledge and it opens my sight about how to solve some problems in the LSCM field. so do by this program I just known about wolfram alpha that are really genius. 
when I knew the wolfram alpha, you know, I feel "how stupid I am than this tools".
I suggest all of you to access this site: www.wolframalpha.com
then please compare are you smarter than the tools or not?