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Mental Health Tips

At this moment I want to share material gotten from IndonesiaX by Psychologist Ratih Ibrahim. The topic discuss is what’s being viral recently in our media social, about Mental Health. She gives some tips how to keep our mental health.
First of all, according to the materials we have to build the positive mind set, where we should appreciate ourselves proportionally, by understanding our own kindness, our achievement, and we must believe that everything we have is precious.
Secondly, we’re advised to through our day actively and productive. As a simple way, we can do by doing sport periodically. It’s not only make our body fit physically, but also stimulate to give nutrition for our mental. Meditation, Yoga, and adventure under the nature are also good ways to keep our mental health.
Thirdly, we shall manage our life style by control and choose the right food, to make dietary habit.  And so do we shall organize well our sleeping habit. It’s essential to get enough sleep.
Fourthly, family is important figures in our life. Interaction with them automatically will give impact to our personal mental. Keep always communicate well.
Next, Friends and colleagues also contribute to influence our mental and personality. Established good relationship and connecting with good manner people, those can build good support system to our mind and body. As the effect, we’ll get more spirit and be happy through our daily life.
Finally, we must consider join some activities which will improve our talent and open our networking. The activities can make us stronger. Thus, let’s implied all the tips hopefully we’ll be nice person with good & strong personality and far from mental sickness.

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