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The subjunctive in english is the simple form of the verb when used after certain verbs indicating that one person wants another person to do something. The word that must always appear in subjunctive sentences. If it is omitted, most of the verbs are followed by the infinitive.

  • I advise that he visit his parents soon.
  • I advise him to visit his parents soon.

The following list of verbs often used in subjunctive:

Subjunctive Verb
*NOTE: The verb want itself is not one of these verbs.

In the following rule, verb indicates one of the above verbs.

Subjunctive Rule

  • She urged that we find another alternative.
  • The doctor has suggested that Robert stop smoking.
  • The university requires that all its students take this course.

The simple form of the verb is also used after impersonal expressions with the same meaning as the above verbs. The adjectives that fit into this formula include the following.

In the following rule, adjective indicates one of the above adjectives.

  • It was urgent that you call me immediately.
  • It is important that he remember this question.
  • It has been proposed that we change the topic.

The materials of this post taken from textbook Cliffs TOEFL Preparation Guide by Michael A.Pyle.
I wrote this on my blog as a summary & as an attempt to prepare myself before take TOEFL  or IELTS test.

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