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My First Paper Presentation in an International Conference

I would like to share my first experience at an international conference as a speaker. 

Years ago when I was a university student I had joined as organizing committee for an international conference which held on my campus. But for being a speaker, it's my first time, ICMAR 2019 in Bali on 22-23 June.

I attended the conference not delegating for an institution, it's on my own. I submitted my full paper in April before the early bird registration date closed, I paid USD 220. After getting acceptance notification, soon I booked the accommodation & transportation for during the event.

I prepared the paper in 2 months. I found the idea while I was working on my office desk. The problem that I often found in my current & last position, I executed that to be a paper. My paper title is “CHOOSING OF FOB OR DDP FROM BUYER PERSPECTIVE IN INDIRECT IMPORT THE PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT”. When the workload was low, I looked for some references, and I filtered the references at night. Fortunately, I have a lot of friends that according to me they have been expert in their fields, and I asked them some things related to my paper. I also consulted about writing a paper to my sister who is a lecturer. I was really grateful the paper accepted by the reviewers.

Some friends amazed that I could prepare a paper while working, the result will not betray the efforts. 

I need publication as an effort to get step closer realizing my dream.

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  2. It's an inspiring story, isn't it? Hmm...

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