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Homecoming to My Hometown with My Toddler

i write this post in english as response to my husband challenge.

moslems celebrated eid al-fitr or lebaran on 5th June. homecoming to the hometown has been Indonesian people tradition in eid al-fitr moment, so do we. this year we went homecoming earlier than the peak's. now we have been stay at my parents home in my hometown, i'm so happy.

we took train from Cilacap on 24 May, and the flight to Bengkulu on 25 May. 
the train departed from kroya station at 6.20 pm, and arrived at pasar senen station at 1 am in the day after. Consider with the comfort for Ibro so we took an hostelry thus we can sleep on a bed and bath before the flight. our flight departed about 12.15 and we arrived in Bengkulu about 1.30 pm, so our trip spent more than 18 hours. 

the last i came to my hometown was last year. i miss this city so bad. the most excited me here is my mom's food, its really delicious, most delicious food ever for me.
and also when we stay here i get assistance from my family for caring Ibro, so i can have 'me time' a lot, you know its really nice for young mom like me.

my parent's house has large enough yard. its good for Ibro, he can play outdoor a lot. altough we tire caring him but its pleasure us. front yard of the house cover by grass so we are not worry if Ibro run around. on back yard my parents also raise chickens, Ibro love to catch them.

most of my family live in Bengkulu. i have a lot of little cousins who are still elementary students so Ibro enjoy play with them.

in this homecoming moment, my parent's house full & feel noisy because of us. we are 5 children of our parents, include my husband & my son mean 9 people stay in this home. moreover if my cousins playing here. but after this homecoming moment i & my lil family will back to Cilacap, my big sister will go to Palembang, my little sister will go to Jakarta, one of my lil brothers will back to Jogja, then we'll back to our reality, only my parents & my littlest brother who live in the house. because of that i really love lebaran, we can stick together for a while.

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